Shahrukh Khan to host Zor Ka Jhatka TV Show

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan will once again grace the small screen by hosting the Indian edition of the globally popular hilarious game show 'WipeOut'. Starting from early next year on Imagine TV, 'Zor Ka Jhatka' will have Khan taking 28 TV stars into the world's biggest obstacle course in Argentina to battle it out. In this extremely competitive environment, SRK will challenge these contestants of all ages and varying fitness levels to a series of hilarious tasks and obstacles like jumping over moving obstacles, bouncing off big balls and dodging swinging pendulums hurled their way.
At stake would be a prize money worth Rs 1.5 crores, including a mega cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs for the winner of the finale. And while the contestants sweat it out, the 45-year-old actor, known for his comic timing, sharp wit and clever dialogues, will provide his brand of extremely funny, witty and at times even a little nasty commentary on the proceedings.


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