Ajay Devgn launches ticketplease.com

After trying his hand in production and direction, Ajay Devgn is all set to launch an entertainment portal named ticketplease.com. The new venture has Nitin Manmohan, Jimmy Mistry and Devgn as directors. The portal will make ticket buying process easier for entertainment and sports lovers who need to stand in queue to get the ticket for their favourite films or plays. Apart from selling tickets, the portal will also offer expert film reviews, interesting features, interesting trivia as well as celebrity news and gossips. It will offer the option to buy movie CDs, DVDs and their merchandises.
The portal will also offer a platform to fans to connect with their favourite stars through online chats, videos, blogs and photographs. Fans can also apply for a membership to get special discounts and loyalty benefits on their works through this web portal.


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