MTV Roadies 8 Contestant Avtar Nischal from Delhi

Avtar Nischal Rajput MTV Roadies 8 Contestant from Delhi. She is a very interesting guy who tried crazily for getting a chance in MTV Roadies Reality Show for the last 4-years. Just 3-years back Avtar Nischal engaged in verbal argument with one of the crew member of Roadies Julfia and on that year Roadies Judge Raghu thrown him out. But, strong character Guy Avtar Nischal didn’t left his dream of becoming Roadies. At last in this year 2011 Avtar Nischal got selected from Group Discussion Round of Roadies-8 Delhi Audition and presented to Roadies-8 Delhi Audition Judges.
Name: Avtar Nischal Rajput
Birthplace: Amritsar, Punjab
MTV Roadies 8 Interview: During interview Avtar Nischal Rajpoot was charged so many times during his interview session with Raghu-Rajiv-Rannvijay. At the first time without listening a single word; Roadies-8 judges shows the exit gate to Avtar. And soon after Avtar was recalled to Audition Room as he once again engaged in verbal controversy with other candidates of Roadies and Anchor of Roadies-8 Siddhartha. In the second time, the judges of Roadies-8 assaulted Avtar Nishchal full-on; but Avtar Nishchal managed to impress the Judges that he can do anything to become Roadies in 2011 and also said how Avtar Nischal reacted in previous year Roadies Auditions when he was not got selected. Any ways, at last, Roadies-8 Delhi Audition Judges has given Avtar Nischal to be a Roadie of Roadies-8 season.
Personal Life: As per the information shared by Roadies Avtar Nischal; it is came to know that he is short tempered and always fight for his own success.


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