Tees Maar Khan Box Office Report

All eyes were set on the biggest film of the year - 'Tees Maar Khan' - right through it's making and promotion. However, the box office outcome of the film belied all the expectations with the film not quite going the whole distance. Resultantly, after a terrific opening at the box office which did find itself in the record books, 'Tees Maar Khan' couldn't sustain itself and found a rapid decline over the weekdays. Still, if one looks at the overall performance of 'Tees Maar Khan' in it's first week, it did rake in a little over 50 crores which is good by all standards. However given the scale of release, the way it had opened and the kind of expectations that one had from this biggie, it should have done better, something which even the makers would agree. Unfortunately for them, the second weekend didn't quite bring in any turnaround which means that eventually the film would settle down around the 70 crores mark.


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