UTV Bindaas 'Love Lock Up' to start from 10 January

UTV Bindaas will now work as a counsellor and offer couples struggling to stay in a relationship a chance to work on it through their new reality show 'Love Lock Up'. 'Our new show is a medium for married, unmarried or for that matter engaged couples, who are struggling to make their relationships work due to varied problems, to give their relationship a second chance and try to make it work,' Nikhil Gandhi, business head of the channel told IANS. The show, which goes on air Jan 10, will see 13 young warring couples getting locked up for six days, away from home with no access to phones or television, where they can talk to each other and sort out their problems without any distraction.
It will also have a therapist, who would offer the participating couples counselling sessions. The couples will also be assigned certain fun tasks that they will have to perform together which will help them to understand each other better. 'We conducted a survey across seven cities in the country among people in the age group of 21 to 28, who were in a committed relationship but found that many were not happy with each other due to varied reasons and the most important was lack of communication,' Gandhi said. 'The whole purpose of locking the couple in a place, which is like a prison, is that they could talk to each other and sort out their problems,' he added.


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