Suraj Eka Nagesh from Pune for MTV Roadies 8

TV Roadies-8 Contestant Suraj – Biography Family Education Professional Life
• Real Original Name of MTV Roadies-8 Selected Candidate from Pune Suraj: Nagesh is the documentary name and Nickname is Suraj, given by his mother and known as Suraj as well.
• Birth Place Home Address of Suraj MTV Roadies-8 Contestant: Small village named Jalna of Bondapuri.
• Family of MTV Roadies-8 Candidate Suraj Nagesh: Father, Elder Brother, Bhabi and Mother (lost his mother in 2009-10). Suraj never got into any relationship with girls; so Suraj has no Girlfriend yet.
• Education Qualification Educational Life of Roadies-8 Contestant Suraj: Roadie Suraj has completed his B.Sc degree but he is not good at his educational life.
• Professional Life Occupation of MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Suraj: Born in a poor family; Roadies-8 Candidate Suraj has struggled and passed through a very tough life. At first Suraj was doing farming in his village then Suraj became an Auto Rickshaw Driver for few months. Later MTV Roadies-8 Selected Contestant from Pune Audition 2011 Suraj became the Guard of a Cycle Stand near his Village’s Railway Station and after that joined his friend’s Poultry Firm. But, after the death of Suraj’s Mother he went to Mumbai and started working as a road cleaner and spend many days on footpath after which MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Suraj came to Hyderabad for a Dish Washing Job and from Hyderabad Suraj came to Pune for MTV Roadies-8 Audition.
• Personal Life of MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Suraj Nagesh: Suraj was a pre-matured baby and was a bit weak than other same aged guys. But, Suraj has struggled through out his life as mentioned above. In 2009-10 when Suraj lost his mother; he and his elder brother left the parental house because of Suraj’s Father bad behavior. Even MTV Roadies-8 Roadie Suraj had tried to commit suicide by taking poison after his mother death but not succeeded. Suraj came to Mumbai and spend few nights at the footpath of Marine Drive area. Later he contacted the Supervisor who supervised the road cleaning section of Mumbai and got a job of cleaning Mumbai roads. Then Suraj came to know about MTV Roadies Reality Show because before that he hadn’t ever seen TV Shows. And then Suraj decided to go for an Audition in the coming year and so started Gym to develop his physique.
• MTV Roadies-8 Pune Audition Selection Process of Suraj: Coming from Hyderabad and sleeping on Railway platform because of postponing the first two dates of MTV Roadies-8 Pune Audition; Suraj never lost his believe and faith. When Suraj came to three Judges of Roadies-8 in Personal Interview Round; Suraj told everything about his life and also shown his first ever mobile phone purchased only for MTV Roadies-8 Audition for receiving call from Roadies team. The three judges have selected Suraj as a Roadie in MTV Roadies-8 Season and Raghu had saluted the courageous Suraj.
Congratulations Suraj – MTV Roadies-8 Contestant from Pune Audition in 2011.

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