Katrina - Gulshan Grover's kiss is back on Boom DVD

Sizzling Beauty Katrina Kaif and Bollywood Badman Gulshan Grover's hot liplock in “Boom” (2003) is back in news. DVD of the film will be shown now Kaising scene. The actress had managed to get the smooch scene deleted from the first DVD by putting pressure through Salman Khan, who she was dating then. As Katrina is out of Salman's life, the kiss is making a comeback. "It is clear that the makers of Boom want to cash in on Katrina's success. Katrina Kaif is a top actress now and naturally there will be curiosity about a steamy scene she did, when she was a newcomer. It's just another way to make a quick buck at her expense," said a source. Gulshan Grover also pointed out that the controversial scene in the DVD will be the first DVD.


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