MTV Roadies 8 Episode 2 : 12 March 2011

MTV Roadies 8 Episode 2 held on 12 March 2011: In the next episode Avtar chose Suchit,Mohit and Rahul to compete in the rock climbing immnunity task.Also Renee,Anchal and Chandni was selected by Prachi to compete in the same task.Rahul and Mohit couldnt complete the challenge.Only Suchit completed the challenge so he became immune.In girls none of them where available to complete the challenge but Chandni was better than Anchal in the competition so she became immune.It was also shown that Prachi had a big fight with Avtar.Then finally on vote out Rahul got voted out.It was also revealed that Dev and Avtar are master minds and they are showing that they are fighting against each other but truth is that they are pretty good friends and working closely with each other to eliminate all others.So lets wait and see what happens in the next episode.


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