MTV Roadies 8 Episode 1 : 5 March 2011

MTV Roadies 8 Episode 1 held on 5 March 2011: All the thirteen contestants arrive in Bangalore and met each other. Renee and Prachi get into a argument. Rannvijay then enters and asks a few questions. Later he asks them to select the biggest loser amoungst them. Suraj gets selected. Later he asks them to elect a leader. Finally Dev gets selected by Suraj.
The roadies then get a scroll to put on their dancing shoes. That night they partied and after a photo shoot with Rannvijay, they realized that there partying in the vote-out location, where Raghu & Rajeev are also present. Everyone writes a guy's & a girl's name. Prachi gets 5 votes & there is tie between Avtar, Suraj, Mohit & Rahul. By a wild-card draw, Avtar gets voted out. Then Raghu announces that they were actually immune and they will select three roadies each to compete and one of the selected six will be voted out in the next episode.


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