MTV Roadies 8 Episode 4 : 26 March 2011

MTV Roadies 8 Episode 4 held on 26 March 2011: MTV Roadies 8 started their journey to belgaum in karnataka to their next task. Girls roadies are now making group to play task to be safe in Roadies 8.
* Girls are now more busy in making a single group to kickout boys from roadies.
* Roadies gets a letter, which instruct to make group and meet for money task.
* Rannvijay now tell him that next money task will be Shooting.
* Rannvijay introduce Roadies to Indian Commonweath Games 2010 Medal winner Shooting player Lajja Goswami.
* Money task is to shoot the target and score that will decide the money and looser will get shoot on bump by cricket bat.
* Roadies gets total Rs. 54000(approx) in money task.
* Suchit get black box in night that will have +ve and -ve for him.
* Next morning roadies get letter from Rannvijay to come with black box for Immunity task at typical village type location to perform immunity task.
* Roadies get money task which is to pull Bull Cart from point A to Point B, meanwhile one of opposition roadies will put weight on roadies.
* Dev was really disgusting in performing he was shouting like girls while performing task so finally..timesup..and they didn't complete the task.
* Now come the final vote out for this week, the third vote out is Dev or Devendra Singh


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