MTV Roadies 8 Contestant Suchit Vikram Singh from Delhi

Congratulations to Suchit Vikram Singh – Roadies-8 Contestant from Delhi. He has a good physique and also looks good. He belongs from heart of India Delhi. He is a very good dancer.

The Interview Session of Suchit Vikram Singh was very good and went nicely. Suchit informs about himself and then three Roadies-8 Judges took a class of him by removing Suchit’s Kurta. Raghu-Rajiv-Rannvijay understands that Suchit is a nice guy but has no self confidence. Suchit also forced to wear Churi. At last Suchit Vikram Singh managed to impress Roadies-8 Judges to become a Roadies 8 Candidate from Delhi.

As per the information shared by Roadies Suchit Bikram Singh; Split Personality – Yes, when Judges of Roadies-8 asked Suchit to tell something about himself; Suchit Vikram Singh started with that he is a patient of Split Personality and whenever Suchit saw any violence against Women; he can’t control himself. Right from the childhood Suchit was neglected and he used to be alone every time. Suchit informs about the student life cases like how he used to bring the football from 2nd floor flat etc. Roadies-8 Contestant Suchit Vikram Singh is a good Dancer too but sometime in excitement Suchit faces speech problem a little.


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