Cinema Khel Khel Mein on Zee Cinema

Zee Cinema promises to fill up your summer holidays with a lot of fun and masti! Come April 18th and the channel will launch a game show 'Cinema Khel Khel Mein' between breaks of the film that will air in the afternoon where the entire family participates in games Bollywood ishtyle! Hosted by popular TV actor Vineet Raina, the show goes into the homes of viewers every Monday to Thursday to test the family's Hindi film quotient by playing various games with members. Whether it be singing or dancing, acting or mimicry, Cinema Khel Khel Mein will find the Hindi film expert that lies latent within every member of the family. Every Friday, the winning families from the week's previous episodes will battle it out to be the Friday ke Sikandar and will walk away with exciting cash prizes.
The show which goes on air on April 18th will run on the channel for a duration of 12 weeks and will be aired in the breaks of the movie that airs between 12 noon to 4 pm. Besides connecting with viewers in Mumbai, Zee Cinema is taking the show into the homes of viewers across Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi as well. "Zee Cinema has always been dedicated towards catering to the avid movie buff who just can't get enough of Hindi Cinema! Cinema Khel Khel Mein is something new that will provide a close connect to our viewers and at the same time test their knowledge in cinema in an entertaining manner," says Mohan Gopinath, Business Head, Zee Cinema. "The call for entries are on air and we hope to provide our viewers with content that is as educational as it is fun for the entire family!" So as the entire country gears up to play and win, tune in to Cinema Khel Khel Mein during the 12 noon movie for a fun filled afternoon with the family all through the summer vacations! Who knows, you just might get


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