Department Movie by Ram Gopal Varma

Department is upcoming hindi Movie by Ram Gopal Varma(RGV). Department is in controversy after the news that south actor Rana Daggubati replaces Abhishek in 'Department'. RGV finally resolved their edgy friendship on a positive note after RGV removed Abhishek from his forthcoming project ‘Department’ and replaced him with the Telugu actor Rana Daggubati. Now things between them are fine as Amitabh has given the go-ahead nod to act in Varma’s ‘Department’.
RGV wrote about the role of Senior Bachchan in ‘Department’ on his Twitter account. He tweeted, “Am mighty excited bout the role Mr. Bacchan is playing in 'Department'..he's playing a gangster turned politician. Imagine the 'Agneepath' character turning over a new leaf and yet to have the same hard intensity and been there done that knowhow.”


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