Hollywood movies release in 2011

Beginners is a beautifully quirky film about how a man handles a bundle of shocking news (his elderly father announces that he has terminal cancer and that he's gay) while he tries to clutch on to a relationship. Evan McGreggor stars as the lead in this delightful journey about understanding, accepting and appreciating life.

Henry's Crime
If you've watched "Double Jeopardy", you know the US law, also applicable in India that forbids a person from being convicted of the same offense again. This loophole in the legal system is used by ex-con Henry (Keanu Reeves) in planning to rob the same bank he has falsely been convicted of robbing. Pickled along with this, is Henry's love story with a cynical woman called Julie (Vera Farmiga) who eventually becomes his partner in crime. Reeves hasn't been tremendously successful in comedies since "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey", yet this one seems promising.

Take Me Home Tonight
From the goofy Eric Forman in "That '70s Show" to the sinister Venom in "Spiderman 3", Topher Grace has come a long way. This re-creation of a regular 80's high school rom-com finds him doing what celluloid teens over decades have done, to impress the one they love: lie and pretend to be rich. Though predictable, the film has a heart-warming innocence which will surely keep the box office cash register ringing.

This one subscribes to the perfect Hollywood formula. A man consumes a top-secret drug that extends supernatural abilities. But since Hollywood breeds on excess, every blessing becomes a curse and his special powers become a threat to his life. Bradley Cooper plays the lead in this action-packed thriller that also stars Robert De Niro. Whether the film's success will be limited or not is yet to be told but it's sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

The Hangover Part 2
Every immensely successful film has to be remade, copied or at best, continued with a sequel. So, Hangover Part 2 borrows the best parts from its prequel and multiplies the madness by 100. This time around the band of drunken boys head to Bangkok for a wedding they would never forget or not. A series of singular events follow in the morning after a night of heavy intoxication. Alan (Zach Galifianakis) finds his head has been shaved, Stu (Ed Helms) has a permanent tattoo on his face and yes one of them is missing.


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