MTV Roadies 8 on 30 April 2011 at Brazil

MTV Roadies 8 Live on Saturday 30th April 2011 in Brazil:
- MTV Roadies are in Brazil now, they started next day their journey with money task on next day.
- Money task was to get words. Boys have to lick girl's body and get word while girls have to get words from body of a man...
- Rannvijay brings more changes in Roadies when Roadies 7 Contestant including nikhil, ashutosh, Nihal, pallavi and Tamanna enter into roadies 8, who will also participate in roadies 8.
- Task location was football ground where they have to save goal and win immunity.
- Tamanna, Nihal and ashutosh didn't manage to stop a single goal.
- Ex-Roadies 8 Win one immunity for roadies 8 during vote out.
- Now comes the vote out
- Mohit is immune as selected by Ex-Roadies 7.
- Vote out goes tie as suraj and vibhor both get 3 votes in vote out so now ex- roadies will decide who will be voted out.
- Vibhor sharma is finally vote out in todays vote out.

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  1. I guess this roadies are for ass hole like Mohit...and mark my word this ass hole's gonna win..(by whatever he says devils luck...or by other deserving roadies(then him) screwed )