MTV Roadies 8 on Saturday 16th April 2011

MTV Roadies 8 on 16th April 2011: MTV Roadies 8 Episode 8 held on 16th April 2011 Highlihts:
* Rannvijay make entry as usual with a style.
* Task was to take key and drive bike and take key while hanging on the rope.
* Take the key and open the black box meanwhile hanging with rope.
* Suraj won a Karizma ZMR for being best performer.
* Rannvijay handed a Black box to Chandani and ask to handover this black box to anyone.
* Suspense of Black box was like getting SUPER POWER " by chandani. She get power to nominate one candidate who get power to VOTE 3 Chandani is going to vote.
* Prachi Agarwal Voted out of MTV Roadies 8  today, 16 April 2011. 


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