MTV Roadies 8 on Saturday 23rd April 2011

MTV Roadies 8 on Saturday 23rd April 2011: MTV Roadies 8 Episode 8 held on 23th April 2011 Highlights:
* Rannvijay brings Roadies and Ex-Roadies(Who voted out earlier are on same platform.
* Voteout is on process.
* Mohit Voted out of Roadies 8.. Shocked... Rannvijay brings the twist, when he said voteout seat is not for Mohit and Raghu make entry.
* This if final task and destination in India as next task they have to perform in foreign.
* They have to play kabaddi with former(Voted out) Rodies 8 Contestants.
* Total Prize money in Roadies 8 Account is now Rs. 2 Lakh.
* Some time for verbal communication between roadies 8 as this is time when voted out roadies can bring their frustration out. Avtar is real Shame on roadies, he hardly know what to speak.
* Task was to bring money bag from other side but ex-roadies fail to do task while Mohit and suchit perform the task successfully. Single word for avtar... Bhokane wale ***** Katate nahi h.
* Now mohit is immune for Roadies 8 Voteout while roadies lost all money now account balance for roadies 8 is ZERO.
* Now comes the voteout and chandni joshi voted out of roadies 8.


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