James Bond Movie shoot in mumbai, India

James Bond might well be coming to town sometime soon. A highly-placed source informs that Bond 23, the newest film in the hugely successful franchise will be shot in and around Mumbai. "Director Sam Mendes recently made a hush-hush visit to the city along with production designer Terry Bamber in mid-April for the film's recce. The movie will be shot in Mumbai and Goa during the monsoon season on a month-long schedule," a source revealed. The crew of the film is an excited but nervous. They expect the shoot to be a maddening one, given Bond's fan following here. India Take One, who did line production for Slumdog Millionaire, are doing the production for this film as well.
The previous Bond movie with location filming in India was Octopussy, released in 1983. Agent 007 was played by Roger Moore.


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