Stanley Ka Dabba hindi movie review and release date

Drama  /  Children  /  Social
Amole Gupte
Executive Producer / Co-Producer
Deepa Bhatia
Faraz Ansari
Amole Gupte
Star Cast
Divya Dutta...... Rosy Miss (English Teacher)
Divya Jagdale...... Mrs. Iyer (Science Teacher)
Raj Zutshi...... Rajendranath Zutshi (History Teacher)
Aditya Lakhia...... Parshu (Peon)
Rahul Singh...... Principal
Shiv Subramaniyam...... Math Teacher
Kadambari Shantshree...... Art Teacher
Amole Gupte...... Babubhai Verma (Hindi Teacher)
Shashank Shende
Partho...... Stanley
Release Date - May 13, 2011
Fox Star Studios
Amole Gupte Cinema Pvt. Ltd.
Rating: ****
Offcial website -
Synopsis - It is in the way that Gupte weaves the theme of school rules into the rituals of ‘tiffin’ breaks that the storyteller’s skills surface with deviousness and delicacy. These vignettes from school life are derived from first-hand experiences in the playground of children’s minds.
The fears and insecurities of the growing child, the fierce bonding among the boys in and out of the classroom and the cordon that comes up when the youngsters’ school of solidarity is threatened by predatory instincts…Stanley Ka Dabba lays open a world of innocent and premature pains.
It’s a universe created out of great conviction and warmth. And yet, there is a surprising absence of selfconsciousness in the way the lives of the boys are drawn in and out of the classroom.


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