Brett Lee opens Music School in India

Australian Cricketer Brett Lee, has opened the first of his planned music schools in India for underprivileged children. Lee has set-up his ‘Mewsic Foundation’ which will provide funding for instruments and teachers for the schools. The foundation has collaborated with some Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) and charities in India to develop the programme of providing free music lessons for children from slums who are aged between 7-15 years. The first school from Lee’s ambitious plan is a music studio which has been opened in Deonar, a suburban neighbourhood of Mumbai. The studio will offer free music lessons to children who live in the nearby slum.
Lee ecstatic about the facility, said, “It’s a beautiful place, the one we just opened in Mumbai, it’s like a sanctuary for the kids. They can learn different instruments, guitar, organ, flute, as well as learn to dance and sing from qualified teachers.” The impact of India’s slums hits all visitors when they visit for the first time and Lee was no exception and said: “I’ll never forget my first experience of seeing the poverty in India on my very first trip. I’ve seen extreme wealth and extreme poverty in India. I guess I’m lucky to have experienced that because if you only see one side you can’t fathom those extremes.” Being attached to India, Brett said he opened the school because he wanted to: “To express his love for music and express his love for India.” Enthusiastic to help children, Brett added:


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