MTV Roadies 8 Winner | MTV Roadies 8 - 18 June Episode | MTV Roadies 8 Grand Finally

Aanchal won the Roadies 8 SHORTCUT TO HELL but one question by every viwer on Roadies that does she deserved that really. Anyways .... for the grand finally Roadies 8 team made lots of plan because there where two gyus Mohit and Suchit and one girl Aanchal so they want to give fair chance to all.

On the day of grand finally Roadies got the final scroll of this season, again obvious twist in the story ....'Black Box'... in that one vardan and one sarap ... it can be anything ..... if vardan then it will be very good for the roadies who is having that and if sarap .. very bad for the roadies who is having that. Old roadies have to decied who will get the Black box so, they decided Aanchal. Good luck with aanchal .. black box has vardan... and she has choise that she can chose who will see want to see in finale from Mohit and Suchit. There was a task that both the guys will be in caze and behind the galsses. Aachal will come from the other side of the glasses and if she hits the caze of any roadies (Mohit and Suchit) that will be out from the game. Bab luck that roadies was Suchit. When Suchit got out every one was emotional ...... every one was thinking he is the one who played very fair game and should be winner of this season.

Now, Aanchal and Mohit in finally ... final two.. as there was one girl and one boy so ... Roadies team will not going to give any physicall task because that will be unfair with the girl so ... they gave the task in which both the roadies have to convience all other roadies from season 8 and old roadies to vote for them. Only 10 ppl can vote so, Aanchal and Mohit got the chance that they can say any 2-2 vote not to be count and one common vote not to be count. Rahul, Reene, Prachi, Suchit and Chandni votes not count. So .... the remaining 5 Roaddies from the season and old 5 roadies voted for Aanchal and Mhoit....... At the final Aanchal got 9 and Mohit 1. Looks like all the negative of Mohit become positive of aanchal.... otherwise if Suchit and Aanchal were in the competition they the game and result could have different. Enjoy the last episode of Roadies 8 Shortcut to hell. 

Good news ... Battal groud 4 registration are open can register and get seleted to Roadies 9.


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