Shahrukh releases autobiography ‘Twenty Years In A Decade’

SRK’s autobiography, titled as ‘Twenty Years In A Decade’, will revolve around the superstar’s journey from 1991-2001. Talking about his book, King Khan stated his book is about optimism and hope, and he has jotted down all his real life incidents in the funniest way as possible. "I have written a book and it's complete now. I will ask my writer friends to edit it so that I can release it. I have been writing it over the last ten years. It is titled Twenty Years In A Decade because I feel that in ten years I have lived a life of 20 years between 1991-2001. “The book is about positivity, hope and it is also funny, just like me. I have written things about my life in the most fun way," stated Shahrukh.
Shahrukh has been writing his autobiography since 10 years. However, it’s all complete now, with only a little editing left to be done. When asked about his favorite chapter in the book, the author said, "One of my favorite chapters in the book is which talks about my mother and father... which I completed in almost eight pages."


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