Angry Birds Movie Information

Angry Birds is going to be adapted into a movie. Finish game developers Rovio, who have sold over 6.5 million copies of the addictive game, are indeed looking to expand the franchise into comic books, toys TV series and potentially even a film, according to Variety. They are currently in Hollywood in negotiations with various studios and agencies in an attempt to strike a deal.
Story: birds will dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole their eggs. They will use their unique destructive powers to lay waste to the pigs fortified castles."
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  1. Rovio is really serious with the movie! But why hire David Maisel? I think he’s jobless right now after Walt Disney bought Marvel. And since 20th Century Fox owe them a lot because of the success of Rio, maybe they are the one who can really help Rovio.

  2. According to David is quite easy to tell the Angry Birds movie. Angry Birds easily anesthetized game lovers, David believes it will also soon be loved the filmgoers.