Deepika Padukone On PLAYBOY Magazine

International men’s magazine PLAYBOY has offered a 7.5 crore deal for Indian actress Deepika Padukone, to appear on their magazine cover nude. They wanted Deepika to cover her nude cups with two hands. She rejected the deal as she need to pose nude for the Magazine cover. Also, it has been seen that Asian Celebs are liked more by the “Playboy” magazine, that is why they have approached Deepika Padukone. If we believe International Ad Agency then, Deepika has been offered Rs. 7 Crore to pose for the September edition of the magazine.
Earlier it was believed that Deepika will agree easily to pose topless for the magazine hiding her breasts but now it has been heard that Deepika refused to go topless for magazine cover page and don’t want to hurt her family’s sentiments. After being given the opportunity to appear in the cover of the magazine Play boy actor Deepika Padukone might consider going topless for the magazine seeing the amount the magazine has promised to pay.

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