MTV Stunt MANIA Underground On MTV

MTV Stunt Mania was very popular last season there were lot of superb stunt in the last season episode. As all know .. last season won by 'Handa' and the best performance was 'Javed'. Here come again MTV Stunt Mania Underground On MTV. This new reality bike stunt show started on June 26, Sunday 07:00PM - “Push MTV StuntMANIA Underground".
Hosted by MTV VJ Rannvijay, Season 3 will take the show to an electrifying new level of danger, excitement and growth retardation Underground Street, never seen before on Indian television. VJ Rannvijay will be mentoring and coaching of the contestants this season. For those who think he’s just a bike lover, think again, yes he will perform acrobatics and deadly in the program, having a bike stunting to a whole different level.
The show will have nine rookies and legends 3 of the last two seasons. The winner gets a new brand – one of its kind, “suped up Press” and a trip to France, where he has the opportunity to train with the master of freestyle bike stunts – Jorian Ponomareff. In its third season, MTV Press StuntMANIA underground is back with renewed expectations, unusual, deadly and spectacular battle aerobatic pilots. Displaying a changed format, the public can see the legends of previous seasons back to the show to join the “Super Squad”. The show also will feature uncompressed dangerous maneuvers between cars, red lights, monster trucks, fire, floating ramp, cannon tires, high-speed trains and a helicopter buzzing – all found in pulsars – the elements of air challenge, earth, wind, fire, water!


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