Murder 2 Movie Review

MURDER 2 Rating - ***1/2
Murder 2 is really different and new concept in Hindi Cinema. If you are thinking that this Murder 2 is just like Murder movie then you are totally wrong because this film is way better than the last one because its script and the thriller is just awesome. The movie is full of entertainment , its not the sequel of Murder in the true sense. The has a completely new story to tell with fresh characters, is bolder and far more erotic, plus the clash between the good and the evil is one of the key components of the franchise. It is a crime movie with different and new episode of horror movie. Mohit Suri who has directed this movie is just awesome, if you compared his direction with the Murder’ director Anurag Basu, you will see Mohit Suri is way than him. There are some scenes that may appear disturbing, but that’s the strength of this movie. It’s not for the weak-hearted. In point of fact, Mohit and writer Shagufta Rafique take the story to a heightened violent level.

Emraan Hashmi (Arjun) is an ex-cop who earns his bread doing the odd jobs for gangsters and flesh traders. Arjun meets Sameer, a Goan flesh-peddler, who has been suffering a huge loss as his hookers have been disappearing mysteriously. He assigns Arjun the responsibility of tracing the missing girls. Priya [Jacqueline Fernandez], a model, loves Arjun. However, he is hesitant to commit to this relationship. Arjun realizes that the missing hookers are connected by one cell phone number. He decides that in order to catch the lion one must feed him the lamb. He devises a plan that involves sending a girl to the particular customer. Director Mohit Suri and writer Shagufta Rafique come to the point at the very start, when a gruesome murder takes place. Thereafter, we are introduced to the varied characters in the plot and what makes it all the more interesting is that all characters are either grey or black. Also, the identity of the serial killer is never concealed, but the motive is, which one realizes much later. It comes as a jolt, honestly! Source - d99


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