UTV Bindas Superstud

UTV Bindass, India’s fun, frank and fearless youth brand, returns with yet another path-breaking reality show, Description Through this show, UTV Bindass aims to decode the complex mind of a woman. Thus, the show has been designed to be the perfect visual handbook of how to or how not to “patao” a girl!
13 self-proclaimed studs have been chosen from entries received through a speed dating selection held across the nation. To train and learn the tricks of the trade, none other than our ‘Stud Guru’ himself, Ashmit Patel, will mentor these 13 contestants. Joining him would be the smoldering and sensuous Natasha Suri, who will host as well as give a woman’s perspective on the challenges and tasks undertaken by the guys.
Commenting on the association of Denver Ro-Deo with Bindass Super Stud, Saurabh Gupta, MD-Vanesa Inc says, “Denver as a brand stands for Staying Cool under pressure and adds spunk to a man’s personality, thereby making him more appealing. Superstud as a show is in perfect sync with our brand positioning. It has Stud guru Ashmit Patel mentoring young men to bring out the best in them and Denver as a brand vouches for just that”.
Commenting on the launch of Superstud, Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass says, “With Superstud, UTV Bindass presents yet another clutter breaking concept. The aim of the show is to help the guys answer the most difficult question, ‘What women want’ and to mentor them in this task we have roped in the Superstud himself Asmit Patel who is suave, smart, caring and has his way with women.”
Comment on this role as a mentor on UTV Bindas Superstud, Ashmit Patel says, “The concept of the show is something that has never been explored before on Indian television. I am extremely excited to be a mentor for these 13 guys, at the same time through this show, I wish to reach out to every guy out there and help him approach the girl he likes. The aim is to find that one Superstud who can make any woman’s heart flutter.”
Once selected, the 13 contestants will move to a lavish farmhouse, complete with state-of- the-art, Jacuzzi’s, and palatial rooms. Here they will get tips and training from our master player, Ashmit Patel, prior to every episode, before proceeding to hit the streets and nightlife to complete the challenges. Failure to complete any of the challenges will result in elimination at the end of every episode. Throughout the episodes, Ashmit and Natasha will be closely involved with every one of the 13 boys on a personal level, and monitor them closely. This will give the boys the confidence and attitude required to let their personalities shine through in the show. Under their expert eyes one of them will turnout to be the Superstud of India! The challenges will be designed to test the ability to charm and impress the opposite sex. The tasks would include: The Number Game: The boys will be sent to a public place with a time limit to collect as many phone numbers of the girls as they possibly can. In a follow up challenge, they have to convert as many of these contacts into actual dates Dance Game: The boys are taught how to groove to salsa and as a test to their lessons; they are sent to a nightclub on Salsa Night! Here they have to show off their moves by convincing the women to dance with them. Winning any challenge will give them add-ons and advantages like designer clothes, celebrity wingmen etc, which will aid them on their journey to become the Superstud. Further, a panel of judges including a celebrity guest will decide the winner based on their performance. Superstud will see our Stud Guru, Ashmit invite interesting celebrity guests, especially ladies who will come and test the skills of our 13 contestants and the one who survives it all…will turnout to be the Supertud of the nation. Plot Outline The show is all about war between 13 best looking studs that has the charisma. 13 good looking stud fighting to be indias 1st superstud
Schedule: every Sun at 7pm only on UTV Bindass
Starring: Ashmit Patel , Natasha Suri
Directed By: Vishall Mul
Written By: Barnali Shukla
Website: http://www.bindass.com
Release Date 3 july
Genre: Reality, Youth, Male Fantasy, Flirting,
Network: UTV Bindass


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