UTV Bindass Superstud Contestants

Superstud is a new reality TV Show on UTV Bindass starting from 3rd July, 2011. Super Stud on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7 PM in India. Hunt for India’s biggest flirt begins with Superstud: School of Flirt TV Show.
Superstud Hosts: Superstud hosts are Ashmit Patel and Natasha Suri. Ashmit Patel is a well-known Bollywood actor. He is seen as a Stud Guru in this Show. Now, both have returned to host Superstud TV Show.
Superstud Contestants:
Aditya Rathi
Rohit Khari
Karan Chabra
Shahil Anand Arora
Satkaran Singh
Monty Bhandari
Harshit Tomar
Priyanshu Jora
Mohamad Ali
Virr Sexsena
Mansoor Darr

There are 13 contestants in Superstud Show. They will compete with each other to become a Superstud from Stud. Winner of  Superstud will win a trip to the party capital of the world, Las Vegas.
UTV Bindass Superstud Contestants


  1. i think harshit won the tittle of superstud

  2. priyanshu is damn cute!!!1 he shud win.

  3. i love priyanshu he is so cute n handsome.

  4. Karan iz so smart and he shows his smartness to all $ and became Indias first superstud

  5. I love karan chabra cez he's very experience person to his life &
    They complete are all the task perfectly .... My fav stud always ..

    I hate Harsit
    He's very ill mannered Guy .