Ameesha Yadav goes nude for Corruption Movie

Ameesha Yadav, who features in Corruption: The Curse, a film inspired from Anna Hazare's movement, has gone nude in it. Directed by Delhi-based filmmaker R S Nath, the film is being shot in Mumbai and two other locations. The film is directed by R S Nath and the film shooting is done in Mumbai. The film story is based in rural India and is a female oriented film. The main protagonist is played by Ameesha Yadav. The film lead in the movie is raped by a gang of police officials of the area. The film lead then takes charge to change the system and for this she takes the help of an NGO.
According to producer Kamal Uday Singh, "I was inspired by the struggle of Anna Hazare and others who managed to inspire millions of Indians to join the peaceful and non-violent struggle. I already had a script ready on Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement and the exploitation of women. Singh admits that the film is based on the struggle of Anna Hazare but features a woman (DJ Jenny D) as the leader of the struggle instead of a male character. It is a woman-oriented film and three of the leading characters are female. "It is the story of the fight against corruption, a corrupt system and the exploitation that feeds this corrupt system. I was very impressed with DJ Jenny D's single-handed campaign against the Casting Couch and decided to incorporate her into the film, " says Singh.


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