Jennifer Lopez New Music Video "Papi"

Jennifer Lopez in her new music video for "Papi," the latest single off Lopez's dance-heavy album Love? "Papi" features scripted backstory, big explosions and a cheesy dance breakdown, all infused with the hokey slapstick spirit of Lopez's most popular romantic comedies. Essentially, it's one of Lopez's movies condensed down to about 5 minutes, which is basically just as satisfying. In "Papi," Jennifer plays a woman who accidentally consumes too much of a magic cookie—but instead of causing her to drown in introspection and paranoia as per many magical treats, the cookie renders Jennifer irresistable to any man with a pulse. It also manages to pack quite a bit of product placement into such a short space (superfans know that she struts past a TOUS storefront because she's shilling diamonds for them in real life).


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