Bigg Boss 5 : Day 10

Day 10: The day starts with Pooja Mishra washing the dishes without any complaints. Shraddha Sharma joins her in the garden area. The two start bonding and expressing their views to each other about the other housemates.
The two also reach an agreement that if Pooja Mishra survives from eviction this week, then they will not vote against each other during the next week’s nominations. Juhi Parmar addresses a concern about the dishwashing task that Pooja Mishra has been assigned for this week. While being seated in the dining area, she points out to Pooja Mishra that the dishes are not being washed properly and they continue to remain greasy. A surprisingly quiet Pooja Mishra accepts what is being said without creating any conflicts and agrees to pay more attention while washing the dishes. Amar is given a special task for the day. He is asked to nominate two people between whom the captain for the coming week will be elected. Amar decides to discuss the issue on hand with his fellow housemates before locking in two names between whom the election would be conducted. Many names are bounced around during this discussion.


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