Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movie Story Based on Novel 'Satori'

Leonardo DiCaprio has been signed in for the forthcoming movie based on best-selling novel 'Satori' by Don Winslow's. The story of the film tells about a genius man named Hel, who learns assassin's skills. He is also expert in Go, a Japanese traditional game which is similar to chess. His guru reveals all the secrets for which he kills his master, as he would have been killed for passing the secrets. However, Hel is arrested for the crime and he is behind bars in Tokyo. After torturing for three years, CIA offers him to set free on a condition that he should repay for that by killing a Soviet commissioner in China. He has been accompanied and trained by a French gal in his mission, where the fall for each other. The rest of the story revolves around how he faces the challenges from American, Chinese, Russian and French. The story sets in the post-World War 2 era and the screenplay has been written by author himself for the forthcoming Hollywood movie.


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