Oosaravelli Movie Review and Rating

Star Cast: Jr NTR, Tamanna, Prakash Raj, Shyam, Jayaprakash, Raghubabu, MS Narayana
Rating: ***
Review: Oosaravelli starts off on a high note with excellent intro scene of hero. The hero character is introduced in such a way that audience expects him to play mind games and wise tricks all the time. But the film turns out to be a love story after that hyped introduction. This part is dealt in an entertaining with NTR, Raghubabu, MS Narayana and Jayaprakash Reddy doing the honors of filling in fun moments. The real story will only start before interval and the interval scene has really come out well. The graph picks up suddenly and sets high expectations on the second half.
Second half will reveal about the hero’s mission and why he has been under disguise. This part mostly deals with the heroine and it may not be liked by hardcore NTR fans. He goes missing for more than ten minutes and the film considerably slows down. Movie takes a serious turn and comedy takes the backseat. Director tried to force comedy in bits and pieces in the second hour but it didn’t gel well. Script wise, Oosaravelli is good barring few plot holes. But where it fails is with balancing NTR’s mass image with the hero’s characterization. Director had to sacrifice mind games and intelligent play for the sake of satisfying NTR fans, which didn’t help the film much. On a whole Oosaravelli can be watched once for its entertaining first half, interesting plot and performances of the lead star cast. Commercially it may suffer because of going against NTR image. NTR city based fans and youth may be satisfied to see him in a new avatar, but his core audience from the B and C centers will have too many complaints with the film.


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