Shakti Kapoor won't go nude in Bigg Boss 5 house

Shakti Kapoor who is there in Bigg Boss 5 house for 90 days with 13 beautiful girls. When asked about how he feels to be single male with 13 females inside Bigg Boss house, Shakti Kapoor response was very surprising. “Is it? I am not aware. Please don’t scare me. I will be ripped, butchered and will be thrown out of the house in no time or I would be hanging at the entrance,”. The actor adds, “On a serious note, I don’t think I would have any trouble befriending the female contestants as I studied in a co-ed school and have no difficulty getting along with girls. I feel that guys bitch more than girls.” When asked about how long he will survive in the show, Shakti Kapoor says that he will be there till the end, if there is positivity around and he is a happy man. “It entirely depends on how things go inside the house,”. Meanwhile, he adds that he will not “go nude” inside the house.


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