KBC 5: Sushil Kumar 5 Crore Question

Sushil Kumar hails from Motihari, which is about 150 km from Patna. He has been watching KBC for the past 11 years and he says he used to get the right answers most of the time. He got a call on October 17 to participate in the show and the episode featuring him was shot on October 24. But he declines to reveal the last question.  When asked about the winning Rs 5 crore, Sushil Kumar says that he has been warned by the KBC 5 bosses against revealing the details of the episode. "I have been told not to speak about it till the episode is telecast on 2nd November. I had two lifelines left which I used to attempt the jackpot question, which was linked to my civil services studies,” the PTI quotes him as saying.Sushil Kumar considers himself to be a very ordinary person who has always worn chappals. He says, "I wore shoes for the second time in my life when I went to shoot for the episode. Somebody pointed out that the shoelace was not tied properly."

Question : 5 Crore rs question -

Ans - Denmark


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