Now Movie on Bhanwari Devi case, Bipasha may play role

Much thrilled Bhanwari Devi murder case which became the headline and page fillers for many of the dailies will now sizzle on screen too. For those who know Bhanwari after her death will come to know or watch her in the next Bollywood film. The role of Bhanwari will be played by Bipasa Basu. A Bollywood director-producer is contemplating to make film on auxiliary nurse midwife(ANM) Bhanwari Devi even as the mystery over the disappearance and suspected killing of the controversial nurse still remained unresolved.  Producer-director Mahindra Dhariwal told a TV news channel that he was planning to venture the film and also initiated some ground work on the project. “Actress Bipasha Basu might be seen in lead role to play Bhanwari’s role and if all move well the production could be launched by the next month,” Dhariwal indicated. 
There are allegations that Maderna, sitting Congress MLA Malkhan Singh and some others were having illicit relations with the nurse. A CD telecast by a couple of TV news Channels also shown the nurse and Maderna in compromising position. Maderna had been sacked from the Cabinet in the wake of the controversy.


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