Marina Movie Release Date

Movie Name – Marina
Cast: Pakoda Pandian , Sivakarthikeyan and Oviya
Direction: Pandiraj
Music: Girish
Sivakarthikeyan and Oviya starrer Marina hits the theaters. Directed by Pandiraj, the film talks about the lives going on the coast of Marina (the beach edge in the city of Chennai). The shore is famous for the joys, fun and pleasures endless amount of people come and get there daily. Pandiraj also confers the viewers a solid message with the movie that education appears to be the apt way for succeeding in tomorrow. The film also lets the viewers smile. A well-made movie, it is interesting to watch from all aspects. When Ambikarathy (Pakoda Pandian) arrives in Chennai, the beach there ‘Marina’ appears welcoming for him. He begins selling the goods there for his livelihood. At the Marina beach, he gets chance to meet with various characters over there and soon his viewpoint about life starts changing. Since he is a cool guy who has friendly manners, soon he bags the approbation of other guys who too sell goods there and employed at the beach. There is an old chap (Sundararajan) and a postman (Jithan Mohan) at the beach who develop friendship with these kids. At the beach, daily a number of lovers come and one loving couple is – Senthilnathan (Sivakarthikeyan) and Sopana Sundari (Oviya) who too hit the beach. Ambikarathy is much passionate about education thus he plans to work in evening time and start studying in the morning hours to get his goal. The climax carries a message for the masses. Pandiraj is a good story teller and executes the well-written script on the celluloid with ease and conviction. The director has potential to bind the viewers till the finale of the movie. The subject kids and people’s lives on Marina beach is what is near to the people of Chennai and others too like it to watch. Vijay dolls up good cinematography. Dinesh’s choreography is appealing. Girish’s musical score is ear-pleasing. Pandian is all the way in the film. He impresses with his class of acting. Sivakarthikeyan and Oviya attract with their parts. Rest of the cast allures as well.
Verdict: The film with a strong message, good script and powerful direction with brilliant performances is a well deserved product to watch.


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