BSNL in Profit - Truth that Lies

There are rumors on facebook, Whatsapp and social media about BSNL is back in profit after years :) and so..... Some Guys give credit to our PM Narendra Modi and Telecom Minister even media also reported with operating Profit data game. But facts are completely different as per balance sheet available on BSNL official website.  BSNL posted Operating profit of Rs. 672 Crore after years... Oh... after 2 years... as BSNL posted Rs. 916 Crore Operating profit during in FY 2012-13 too, so how becomes its a super achievement. 
Worst thing about results is that BSNL posted highest Loss of Rs. 8232 Crore in last 3 years while Mobile Market share dips to single digit at7.96% making it lowest in History of BSNL. So we do not find any positive trends in results except 4% hike in Revenue which is below Inflation of country :) . The only silver line in BSNL balance sheet is approx. 15000 drop in staff strength each year.... which will definitely bring BSNL into profit 2020 if employees work hard and BSNL Management treat its employees as asset instead of burden till retirements, Refund of over 8000 Crore Income tax to BSNL pending from years and keep motivating young engineers of BSNL


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