17 Individuals Owe Rs 2.14 Lakh Crore Government Tax !!!

There are two message trending on social Media and whatsapp groups regarding Biased Government (All whether BJP or Cognress) attitude towards Tax Defaulters.  If some farmer failed to pay tax his Land and Home are openly sold out by bank to recover Money while Business Bullies or TAX Defaulter Individuals still enjoy life on these tax money without any action. 
Here is come rocking remarks by Jayant Sinha (Minister of State for Finance) and Prashant Bhushan, Public Interest Lawyer and Activist.. 

" 17 Individuals Owe Rs 2.14 Lakh Crore Tax Arrears" - Jayant Sinha  and "Which 17 persons owe over 2 lakh Crore of taxes. Why is the govt not attaching their assets? Are they govt's cronies?" - Prashant Bhushan.  Which side u stand ?
News Source:  NDTV and Twitter Comment


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